Ducks of Baghdad – Wolverhampton 4:1

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Official photo of the teams for the local press

In the context of FIFA Worldcup 2006 the Ducks played against the English fan team. The Ducks had to compensate for Tobias and Konstantin missing shortly, but they had a strong and in all parts very good team anyhow.

After the Duck's coach Ronald had handed the mandatory yellow duck as well as the pennant and the pins over to the British team, the good referee Otmar whisteled for the start. The match took place in the midfield until, in minute fifteen, Werner shot a freekick right on the head of Mokka who scored untenable. The goal keeper Mathew Lee, almost two meters tall, didn't have any chance.

This 1:0 gave security to the Ducks, resulting in worth seeing combinations, but in the crucial moments a British leg or Mathew Lee always were to the place, in order to avoid higher inconvenience on British side. In minute 25 the Englishmen got a freekick centrally at the box which for the first time endangered the Duck's goal. The ball struck the wall, hit the crossbar of the Duck's goal and rebounded to the field. Richard, who was already on his way to the keeper's corner, would probably not have had any chance to catch it. Five minutes later the ball touched Daniel's "the eightfold one" (see the reports from Syria 2005) hand in the penalty area and Otmar pointed to the penalty spot. A case for Ben Blackmore, who shot hard right into the center. If Richard had remained without moving he would have catched the ball easily.

The Ducks were not really impressed by this intermediate equalization and continued to play well against a strong opponent. Then bad luck for the Duck's coach Ronald who was hurt so heavily during a defense action against a hard opponent that he was unable to continue the match. The Duck's game now continued over the left side, where Daniel superbly passed to Angelo. The latter once again showed his qualities as a brawny and assertive forward, ditching the tough boys from the island and beating Mathew Lee with a right foot scorcher, who couldn't prevent the ball from trundling into the English goal.

This was the score at halftime, and in spite of the summer heat the Ducks seemed to start fresher in second half. Besides some dangerous corners Richard had not very much to do, whilst Mathew Lee again and again was in the focus of the action. In minute 60 Daniel was unlucky with a lob hitting the crossbar, another Duck's goal was not accepted by the referee Otmar because of an offside situation. In minute 70 Matthias W. managed to mark the 3:1 from a half-right position. The British did not wait with their answer to that and hit a corner directly onto the Duck's post. In minute 80 Matthias W. did it again from the same position as ten minutes ago and scored to 4:1. The British team had a last chance with a hard low shot in the right lower corner of the Duck's goal, but Richard hit the ball over the touchline.

The Duck's players: Ronald, Werner, Richard, Eric, Jürgen, Kallie, Matthias H., Matthias W., Mohamed, Victor, Zeynel, Steffen, Angelo, Daniel, Christian und Mokka.

The Duck's injureds: Ronald (broken ankle), Zeynel (broken toe), Jürgen (torn external and crucial ligament).



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